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**The Detail**

Looking to Buy Pallets from Amazon? Have you been searching the words - Amazon Liquidation Store near me, amazon liquidation pallets  warehouse near me or amazon liquidation auctions ?
Well, look No further. We are here to offer you an offer that kinds of falls in the category of Amazon Pallet sale, but better.

Customers have also come to us looking for Amazon Pallet return or Amazon Pallet returns and ended up choosing our curated offer of  Brand New items instead that outshine the uncertainties of customers having to buy returns from Amazon. Or buy amazon returned pallets.

Discover our unique approach – we've partnered with Amazon Liquidation Warehouse to create special Amazon Boxes, with Brand New items - Unlike the risks associated with buying Amazon returned pallets, our items are Brand New, packed in a Box and come in a qty of your choice. 30 pcs or 60 pcs. Items are generally Unbranded. Please do not expect expensive items in these lots. 

If you would like complete Amazon Pallets then please reach out. Whether you're interested in Amazon Pallet Liquidation or searching for the best Amazon Bulk Pallets, we have the perfect options for you. 

There is an excitement to this offer, with the intrigue of the Amazon Mystery Pallet type sale – Only that these are Boxes, so reduce the risk you will be taking.  We understand your concerns about returns, and that's why we've focused on providing a superior alternative of Amazon Brand New Items packed in a box for you.

A small number of goods can be returns, but generally we have found items to be brand new. 

**What you receive**

1 x Box with 30/60 items of Amazon products, from liquidation, overstock or any other reason for Amazon liquidation. Please select the qty you would like. 


Can be from the following categories, but no guarantees as it is randomly in the box. You may receive many items from the same category.

- Household items
- Toys
- Pet
- Car accesssories
- Cycling accessories
- Clothing
- Footwear
- Party supplies
- Books
- Jewellery
- no guarantees what you will receive, and items could be duplicated. 

**Condition of Sales**

You can purchase in as min of 1 box. 

**Experienced Sellers**

If you are buying the goods to resell, please make sure you have the experience to assess stock for resale before buying. 

**Stock limitations**

Stock is limited, so purchase while stocks last. 

**NO Discounts**

Please note - non of the shop discounts apply to this product, so if a code is entered and accepted, the order will refunded and not confirmed. Please DO NOT add any codes when checking out. 


We ship this product with Parcel Force on a 48 hour delivery service, and normally need at least 1 day to prepare your order, however sometimes these times can be longer if we have to many orders to prepare - so if it is an urgent purchase please take this into account. All shipments have a unique delivery confirmation.  

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